Wombles Ukulele Theme Song

The good old Wombles. Whatever happened to them? I’ll tell you what; Tuberculosis. A vicious disease that wiped out all but sturdy old Uncle Bulgaria.

For those of you that are unaware, that there video is the theme from the awesome children’s show, The Wombles. Click here to watch a full episode.  As a child I watched every single episode of this show and would do the very same thing right now if being an adult wasn’t so boring.

Now, I recorded this video back in the early days, hence the terrible quality. I had a lot of difficulty back then, what with technology and all that. However, the tab still stands the test of time. I have made 2 versions for you – a lead sheet and a solo. I hope you enjoy them.

Lead Sheet

Solo Arrangement

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3 Comments to “Wombles Ukulele Theme Song”

  1. Razz Berry Muffin says:

    This just made my day!
    Thanks heaps,
    Razz xox

  2. Alistair sim says:

    This made y day, I am a huge wombles fan and I always dress up as them when I can. I also love ponys because they have so much characters that you can love.

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