Weezer Ukulele – Butterfly

Weezer – Butterfly

Butterfly. Schmetterling. Glöyn Byw. Check out this website. Best on the internet? I think so. Wow! Bulubulu.

I also think Pinkerton is one of the greatest albums I’ve heard. Every track is near perfect. ‘Butterfly’ rounds the album off to a somber end, telling the tale of a lost life. I hate butterflies. They creep me out. No, I take that back. They scare me and make me nervous. I don’t hate them. Like you, I’m man enough to shed a tear over this lovely piece. Grab the tab and join me. Weezer Ukulele is the way forward. Any other of their songs you’d like me to do?

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Play in the key of G.
  • Add a beautiful melody to your repertoire.
  • Great for experimenting with dynamics and tempo.
  • Play more Weezer. They used to be good you know?

It’s not too much of a challenge to play so just give it time. Can you play a G chord? Aye? Then you’re laughing. Good luck.

Click here to download – Butterfly – Weezer – Lead Sheet 

Grab the free tab!

Click here to download – Butterfly – Weezer – Solo Sheet

Grab the free tab!

A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

Look! This thing is going to be awesome. Are you in the UK? Then pop along. You’re not…can you make it anyway? I have big news. I’ll be there. Look here. Bit further down. I’ve been booked to do ‘pop up lessons’. Basically, I’ll wander around, sober, and talk to strangers. I’ll teach you anything I know and if that’s not enough, why not teach me a thing or two? I need to learn the basics of personal hygiene and personal space. You need to learn a C chord. We’re made for each other.

You can find my ‘hilarious’ interview here. Also, I’m attending the Ukulelezaza workshop. If you see me, make sure to say Bore da or something similar.

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4 Comments to “Weezer Ukulele – Butterfly”

  1. Moy says:

    Amazing. Did a beautiful job just one thing how may I get the tabs I already subscribed and wish to know how I can get my hands on them. Please help me I really love this song and you are right it is a lovely piece

  2. dave says:

    Awesome! I love this song – I’ll be trying this tab out tonight for sure =)

  3. Joanne says:

    I love this but can’t figure out how you have it tuned. Can you help?

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