Steptoe and Son Theme for Ukulele

Old Ned from Steptoe and Son for Uke

This is one of my most requested tabs so you’re in for a right treat. Did you watch Steptoe and Son? You probably did, it’s pretty popular, like you. If not, you’ll find it somewhere. I have an episode on VHS, you can borrow it.

According to my research, young Harold Steptoe is a 37-year-old filled with social aspirations, not to say pretensions. Hmm, that reminds me of someone…

Now here’s the best part. Ron Grainer wrote the music to this. That’s the chap who also did a bit of ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Prisoner’, ‘Do The Bartman’ and ‘The Prisoner’. What a guy!

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Have a play around with dynamics.
  • It’s an easy melody to remember. Try to play it without the sheet.
  • Look at that bouncy rhythm.
  • How to be a dirty ol’ man.

The tab sheet does look a tiny bit intimidating to the beginner so take your time. It’s basically a C, or C6 and a G7 chords. The melody line is hidden on the E and A strings and as ever I try to make the most out of that G string.

Good luck with this one.

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Steptoe and Son Theme for Solo Ukulele

Click here to download Old Ned (Steptoe and Son Theme) for Solo Ukulele

Grab the Tab!

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    hello could you send me the tab for Steptoe and son theme please



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