Step On – Happy Mondays – Learn to Play

Learn to Play Step On – Happy Mondays for Ukulele

I don’t know if you know, but this classic song was originally written in 1971, almost 20 years before I first became aware of it. I was a little disappointed when I found this out. I liked to imagine that Shaun Ryder and Bez kuckled down in front of the piano and penned it themselves. Sadly this didn’t happen. They did make a great version though. If you get chance to track down the original, you should. It’s great!

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Give your strumming hand a workout
  • Play around with some cool barre chords
  • Play ukulele in the key of D (Kind of)
  • Add a cool, lazy and laid back tune to your repertoire

This is not a simple piece to play but I think even a relative newcomer will be able to pick out some of the chords. For the intro I used my first finger to barre the second fret to create the D and G chords. You’ll notice it releases every so often to add the open G and C strings. This is what gives it a lazy, some may say mixolydian, feel. relax your strumming hand here. I use just my first finger to strum this part; you might not.

I couldn’t decide on the best place to play that memorable riff so I tried high and low. The higher section makes the most of that beloved campanella tuning. For the verse section you’ll need to pick out the vocal melody notes. Have a look over the video to see which these are. You may find the stretch up to fret 4 on the A chord a challenge. You’ll manage though. I trust you. Apart from that, you just have the memorable chorus and outro sections to conquer. I’ve notated the main parts but you should play around with the structure.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on.

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My inspiration for this song came from my new band, ‘Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners‘. We are a New Orleans Style band who cover early 90s Dance music, especially from the ‘Madchester’ era. I play banjo in this band, not ukulele. It’s still cool though.

We’ve entered a competition called ‘Gone in 20’,  where we play a number of street gigs, people watch us and then decide we are excellent and vote for us.  Hence the need for your help. As mentioned above, please click this link – and vote for us. I’d really appreciate it.

This is us rehearsing.

This is us at Manchester Day Parade doing ‘Electricity’ by OMD. 

This is us doing ‘Step On’. Check out that Banjo!

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