Stella Artois Advert for Ukulele

Stella Artois Advert for Ukulele

I wonder what Verdi would think if he knew that one of his most evocative melodies is now associated with the beating of one’s wife?

It was also used in the film Jean de Florette, featuring Gérard Depardieu. Great name.

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4 Comments to “Stella Artois Advert for Ukulele”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Carl,
    I would really love the tab for Stella Artois Advert. This is such a great song in my opinion. its mellow and smooth, like stella. haha. when might i be able to acquire this tab from you? thank you much for all your work.

  2. Graham says:

    Hey Carl,

    Any chance of getting the tabs for this one?

  3. Johnny Rich says:

    I am delighted to have found your great website, as directed by my music teacher. Could you please send me the Stella Artois song? I love Verdi!
    Keep up the great work!

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