Red Dwarf For Ukulele

Red Dwarf Theme for Ukulele

This is a great TV theme that perfectly matches the great TV programme. Which is you favourite episode? I like the one where everything goes backwards. Or should that be sdrawkcab seog gnihtyreve erehw eno eht ekil I?

My arrangement is meant to compliment this one – by Uke Hunt. His version includes the intro and guitar solo, whereas mine is based on the vocal line. Play the both. Medley it up. Impress local women in your area.

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Play the truck driver’s key change.
  • Add more Howard Goodall into your life.
  • Experiment with re-entrant tuning.
  • Diminished chords. These things rule.

Guess what? I’ve included two versions for you. AGAIN. I first tabbed this out years ago and in retrospect, it’s a little tricky. Here’s what I suggest. Firstly, grab  hold of the ‘lead’ sheet. Listen to the original. Get an idea for the melody and then dive straight in. It may even help here if you play around with the chords. Ignore the slash chords for now (C/E – C/G etc). I mainly included these for your guitarist friend to jam along but he’s a lazy idiot anyway. The notation does look intimidating. It’s littered with ties and grace notes. Ignore them! Just play.

Next up is the ‘solo’ version. Phew. If you take this slowly, it’s not as hard as it seems. Look out for any chords you may not already know. Watch through my video to see how I approached it. I rarely follow the tab as I’m just like that and that’s the way it is. My favourite part is the aforementioned ‘Truck Driver’s Key Change’. This is a term I recently learnt to describe a piece of music which abruptly changes up an entire tone. In this case it occurs around bar 13. It’s enough to make you go weak at the knees. Howard Goodall, I love you.

Enjoy this one. Let me know how you get on will you?


Click here to download – Red Dwarf Theme – Lead Sheet 

Grab the free tab!

Click here to download – Red Dwarf Theme – Solo Sheet

Grab the free tab!


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  1. daniel says:

    thnak you for the free tab 😉

  2. ROby says:

    that was pretty snazzy you smeg head.

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