Pikmin – Forest of Hope – Ukulele Tab

Pikmin – Forest of Hope – Free Ukulele Tab

Ah, The Pikmin. Just like you, I have no idea why I bought a Gamecube. And just like you, Pikmin also really creep me out. However, we must fight through this prejudice and ignorance. It’s time to embrace. What better way than with this relaxing classic? It’s a nice, accessible piece to play and you can repeat it until the evil night comes.

Even if you haven’t played the game, it’s still worth giving this one a go. It’s a beautiful piece expertly written by Hajime Wakai. I chose to play it on my 5 string Ohana but it will work equally well on your soprano. It’s not simple. Watch out for the barre chords, alternating thumb line and neck jumps. It’s a relaxing piece though, so play it rubato like I attempt to in the video. Also, let me know if there’s any other Pikmin ukulele tab you want me to do. I loved this game.

Pikmin Ukulele Tab – Forest of Hope

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The Jewish Ukulele is still a thing. Have a browse through for some free tab or invest in the low priced eBook. I played a few of these at recent gig and had a great time.

I’m always looking for requests. Don’t be shy.

I might send you the tab to this next week. Do you remember it?

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  1. Gab says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed this song and I remember playing the game when I was little. Great calm song for the uke.

  2. nice says:

    Nice songs !

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