Parks and Recreation Theme – Ukulele

Parks and Recreation for Ukulele

I’m revisiting an old favourite here. Many moons ago I was kindly featured on Uke Hunt where we discovered that this was my most ‘disliked’ video. But wait! It isn’t now. They’ve all disappeared. How did that happen?

If you’re British, I can forgive you for not having heard of this show. It’s only recently been televised on some obscure channel late at night. However, fellow T.V. nerds like myself will have already found a way to watch it. I love Netflix. If you’re American, Nice to meet you! What’s your name? Fancy going out for a drink?

I’ve done two versions for you. I did my best to transcribe the original but it’s very hard. Loads of semiquavers and awkward positions. The version you see in the vid is me cheating my way through it. Both are included below. I hope you enjoy this one. It’s by far one of my favourite themes ever.

Click here to download ‘Parks and Recreation’ – Free Ukulele Tab

Grab the Tab!

Click here to download ‘Parks and Recreation’ – Simplified Ukulele Tab

Grab the Tab!

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