Orinoco Flow – Enya – Free Ukulele Tab

Orinoco Flow – Enya – Free Ukulele Tab

It’s not cool to like this song but I’m not going make any excuses; I like this song. There. Said it. Think of me what you will. I remember being astounded when I first heard it. I was only young. I do understand that all this new age hippy nonsense is vomit worthy and will never improve. Don’t judge me. I still love you.

Here is the original. Wasn’t she beautiful?

This is actually a lovely piece to play on the Ukulele. It’s based around a G, F and C progression which modulates to some kind of Cm Dorian section in the middle. Watch out for the really hard rhythm in the intro which I appropriated in the video. The free tab sheet is just the basic sections of the song. It’s up to you to shuffle them around and play them in which ever order you want to. Enjoy this piece. Perhaps it will inspire you to meditate using crystals and live in a tree.

Orinoco Flow – Enya – Free Ukulele Tab

This Week…

I went to the Duke of Uke this week. Have you ever been?

I made friends with Ukalady.

I played too much Skyrim. I’m addicted and I may need help.

Recorded some Sagreras with my baritone. They sound great. Grab the free sheet and play along.

Coming soon – Family Guy – RE: Your Brains – Ducktales.

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