Nintendo Wii Mii Channel Tabs – Group Ukulele

Mii Channel Jingle for Ukulele

A little request from a pupil turned into this. I’ve arranged it for 3 parts. In the download you’ll find the full score and then the individual parts. It isn’t easy so I’ve also included a .mp3 file for you to listen along to. No video yet.

Remember that I make Ukulele e-books too. You get a wide variation of styles to play around with and they are all super cheap. Why not try the Classical Guitar for Ukulele series? Or explore more duets with The Group Ukulele. My best seller by far is ‘The Jewish Ukulele’.


Mii Channel for for Ukulele

Click here to Mii Channel Jingle for Group Ukulele

Grab the Tab!



Click here to download Mii Channel Ukulele Mp3 File

Grab the Tab!

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