Nino Rota – Love Story – A Time For Us – Romeo and Juliet- Simon Bates

Nino Rota – Love Story – A Time for Us – Henry Mancini

This song seems to go by many names. All of the above plus it was famously used in the UK by Simon Bates for his ‘Our Tune’ segment. I’m sobbing at the very thought. My arrangement is based on them all. Sniff.

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Play in the key of Gm.
  • Add a sad, yet uplifiting piece to your jukebox.
  • How to make people cry.
  • You might learn some chord shapes.

Two versions here for you, as ever. The ‘lead’ part is the best bet to get you started. If you’re not used to rhythms perhaps it’s best to listen to that first bar initially to get a feel for the entire piece. You could count along but I find it’s best just to play it. I decided to have a little fun with the middle section and tried to make the most of the little g string. You’ll notice the string skipping pinches. These shouldn’t prove too challenging depending on the tempo you’re playing at. After that it’s all plain sailing.

The solo version on the other hand is a little more challenging. Because of this, I made it extra large and easy to read. I’m basically trying to play a little rhythm uke at the same time as the melody. I played this on my Ohana Tk-35-g-5. This gives a little more bass due to the deep string. Yours will sound just as good on any uke. Enjoy!

Nino Rota – Love Story – Henry Mancini – A Time for Us for Ukulele

Click here to download Love Story – A Time for Us for Solo Ukulele

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Click here to download Love Story – A Time for Us for Lead Ukulele

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3 Comments to “Nino Rota – Love Story – A Time For Us – Romeo and Juliet- Simon Bates”

  1. gary says:

    thanks for this song. my wife and i danced to it at our wedding in 1970 and i had been trying to find it as teaching myself the uke. it brought a tear to my eye and many great memories, thanks for sharing, gary

  2. David Shone says:

    Fancy finding this … ‘Love Story’ … after all these years! This was one of the pieces played at our wedding in 1972 in Christchurch, N.Z. sadly hit by all those earthquakes in 2010/2011 … of which we experienced most of them…going to do a special blog ( ) September 4th, this year 2014….as it will be the 4th anniversary of the big 7.1 Quake! [ and I haven’t done a blog on the quakes and have a few pictures not seen to date]

    … you have a great site, with some facinating old favorites popping up which I hope to learn on my new Lanikai LU 21-T (tenor) I bought less than a year ago and starting to learn to play…

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