Morrowind Theme for Ukulele

Theme from Morrowind for Ukulele

I understand that this beautiful piece of music, written by Jeremy Soule, recurs throughout The Elder Scrolls series. I haven’t actually played Morrowind but I have (embarrassingly) racked up over 5000 hours of gameplay in Oblivion. Best fiver I ever spent. I’m sick to death of it now though.  I’m onto Skyrim now. See you in five years! I wish there was more Skyrim Ukulele tab on the web. Have you seen Ancient Stones?

Click here to download the free Theme from Morrowind Tab – Solo Uke

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3 Comments to “Morrowind Theme for Ukulele”

  1. wandlimb says:

    Many, many thanks to you for this tab! Meet me at The Bannered Mare and I’ll buy you a drink.
    “I’d be a lot warmer and happier with a belly full of mead”

  2. Mel says:

    Thank you for taking the time to arrange this — I have always been struck by how beautiful the Elder Scrolls music is. Having the opportunity to learn this is means a lot to me. Thanks.

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