Monty Python Theme for Ukulele

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Theme for Ukulele

I love Monty Python. You probably do too. Do you? You may already know that this is really called ‘The Liberty Bell March’ by John Philip Sousa. Do you? You do now.

I was lucky enough to attend the final Monty Python performance recently. It was great! You should really try to catch it the next time they do one.

What This Piece Can Teach You – 

  • Jump around the neck like a parrot or something.
  • Something completely different .
  • How good it is to have a bottom.
  • Work on your right hand picking.

This isn’t easy. It jumps around all over the neck and is quite tricky to play at the suggested tempo. Start with the lead sheet and see if you can at first master the melody. Then slowly ease yourself into the full version. As ever, I’ve done two versions. Enjoy.

Oh by the way, this guy is awesome –

Monty Python Theme for Solo Ukulele

Click here to download Monty Python Theme Lead sheet

Grab the Tab!

Click here to download Monty Python for Solo Ukulele

Grab the Tab!

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