Minecraft for Ukulele

I want to talk about Minecraft, about all the mining in it and the crafting, but I can’t. I’m a charlatan. I tried to play it once and found it dull. Sorry kids! The music’s good though! Honestly, stick with me.

What This Piece Can Teach You – 

  • How to play at a slow tempo.
  • Fiddly bits.
  • Acne and tiny moustaches.
  • Work on dynamics.

Ooh look! I forgot to smile in the video. Whoops. I did try once but it just didn’t work out. Youtube commenter, Jordan Mcguire says on the subject, ‘I love your musical ability, but it is diminished by your passion. I want to see you enjoy what you are playing. Let it consume you and take pride in the fact that you are a great musician, because you are. Play every song like it’s your last my friend. That is my loving advice to you. I hope I haven’t offended you and I wish you nothing but success.’ Thanks for the feedback!


This is a deceptively  challenging piece. There’s a bucketload of stretches in there. There’s counter melodies, a bass line. It’s grand it is. Take your time with it. If you look hard enough, you’ll find the basic melody hidden in there. Maybe try that first and then add in all those silly little shapes. I think that I played it as written but I don’t mind straying from the tracks. This seems to throw some people. Brantley Moate says of my Doctor Who  theme, ‘Great, but your video doesn’t match your tab’. Play this piece however you want. Interpret it your own way. Play it exactly as written, or not. Improvise or don’t. It’s up to you.

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Minecraft for Ukulele

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