Merlin Ukulele Tab

Merlin Theme Ukulele Tab

This show sure does seem mighty popular. I love documentaries but to me this one seemed a little unbelievable. I lost track of it when Morgana turned evil so I never found out if Merlin and Arthur ever fell in love. A cursory glance over Tumblr fan fiction seems to suggest that they did.

This is quite a fun piece to play. The original is in Fm, so you might want to tune your Uke up a semitone if you wish to follow my tab. I planned to do that for the video but then forgot. It’s far from simple. Watch out for the stretches and for all the neck jumping. I tried to make this as comfortable as possible by making the most of the open strings. I’ve also shifted the timing around a little bit. Why not combine this with my Dr. Who Ukulele tab to create a Saturday night masterpiece?

Click here to download free Merlin Ukulele Tab

Also in the News

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Hobbit’ (apart from all the annoying bits). I’ve been working on ‘Song of the Lonely Mountain‘ this week. You should get it by the end of the year. Remind me if I forget.

I’ve also rejigged my Tumblr.

My favourite Youtube video this week – A young chap doing a Queen tune.

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