Donnie Darko – Mad World – Ukulele Theme

Mad World for Solo Ukulele

Donald Darko. At some point in our lives, we’ve all been possessed by visions of a giant rabbit that makes us commit violent acts. I think that’s why the film had a lacklustre reception upon its first release. Either that, or people just hate Jake Gyllenhaal.

You’ll notice a stunning resemblance between myself and Patrick Swayze. This has often been remarked on and there was was a time when I could pass myself off as that wonderful man. Sadly, those days are now gone….

Patrick Wayne Swayze (August 18, 1952 — September 14, 2009)

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Play in the key of Gm.
  • Add a slow and relaxing melody to your repertoire.
  • Compare campanella and standard playing styles.
  • Explore the Dorian mode.

The version I’m playing is based on the Gary Jules arrangement. It’s slow and sinister. Like me. I originally tabbed this out years ago but have decided to re-jig it a little, hence the two versions. Both are pretty similar but version 2 has more of a campanella feel, which you know I love. As this can be played at a  relaxing pace, there are very few challenges but some of you may struggle with the stretch from fret 1 to 5. This is fine, we’re all different. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes. Scroll down to find the tabs.

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Mad World for Solo Ukulele

Click here to download Gary Jules – Mad World for Solo Ukulele

Grab the Tab!

Click here to download Version 2 of Mad World for Solo Ukulele

Grab the Tab!

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