Kraftwerk – The Model – Ukulele Tab

Das Modell for Solo Ukulele

I love Kraftwerk. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have even touched a pocket calculator in my life. There’s a great version of this tune on Youtube by GUGUG. If you don’t watch that today, you’re missing out. Did you know I’m learning to speak German? It’s fun. Tricky though. Can you help?  Konnen sie mir helfen?

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Play in the key of Am
  • Memorise some simple yet cool riffs
  • Strum along with some easy barre chords
  • Experiment with some tricky octaves

This is one of the most popular tabs on my site. It’s easy to see why. Kraftwerk have had such a huge impact on pop and electronic music that it’s about time they set their sights on the ukulele. Which other Kraftwerk songs do you think will werk on the ukulele? My favourite is ‘Autobahn’.

You shouldn’t struggle too much with this arrangement. I dare say it’s easy. I tried to keep the intro riff in the campanella style and you should too. The verse is based around Am, G and Em. I chose not to play the Em, instead opting for the open E string. You may choose to strum a quick chord there. Look out for the octaves in Bar 14. This is perhaps the trickiest part of the piece. Again, they are optional; play 1 note or both. I’ve been told the final riff section isn’t exactly like the original. I’m stumped if I can work out what the difference is. Try not to rush the tempo. Langsam will do. Gluck!

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