Kill Bill Theme Ukulele – The Lonely Shepherd

The Lonely Shepherd – Kill Bill Theme Ukulele 

What a great piece of music which I believe was written by James Last and pan piped to death by Gheorghe Zamfir. It really suits the murderous, violent tone of ‘Kill Bill Vol.1’.

What This Piece Can Teach You – 

  • Work on playing in Dm
  • Experiment with tempo.
  • Cracking chord sequence.
  • Work on dynamics.

I really enjoy playing this and it’s by far one of my most requested. It’s really quite an open ended piece in that you can do whatever you like with the structure. I chose to keep close to the original purely to avoid people leaving me comments telling me I’ve done it wrong. The internet is an odd place.

The notations look intimidating at first, what with the constant semiquavers. Fortunately these can be played at whatever tempo you like. It’s still a good workout for the left hand though. After that it’s pretty plain sailing. You might struggle with the occasional stretch but I’ve tried to use familiar chord shapes. Have a gander and let me know how you get on in the comments.

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Kill Bill Theme for Ukulele

Click here to download Kill Bill Theme Ukulele – The Lonely Shepherd

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2 Comments to “Kill Bill Theme Ukulele – The Lonely Shepherd”

  1. Tioma says:

    Oh, that is quite impressive! Thank you for the tab, Mr. Uke of Carl! 🙂
    There is such a thing as Uke of Carl fans, and you should probably consider releasing special t-shirts! 😉

  2. Kane says:

    Thanks for this. Do you think next time you make the video however you could not block your right hand with your mic? I would like to see your picking hand!

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