Incredible Hulk Ukulele Theme


Incredible Hulk Ukulele Theme – The Lonely Man

Ah, nostalgia. I used to watch this show religiously when I was a young lad. I remember enjoying it but have absolutely no memories of what happened. Something about a guy stripping to his underwear? Don’t make me ‘ungry; you wouldn’t like me when I’m ‘ungry.

This is one of my favourite Ukulele pieces to play. Despite being written on the piano, it’s sad, remorseful tone really lends itself to the Uke. I’ve included two versions for you. One is a Uke Solo, which is by no means easy and the other is a duet. There aren’t enough Ukulele duets out there so I’m making it my mission to create as many as I can. It’s great fun playing Uke with other people and we should all endeavour to do it more often.

 Click here to download ‘The Incredible Hulk – The Lonely Man’ for Solo Uke 

Grab the Tab!


Click here to download ‘The Incredible Hulk – The Lonely Man’ for Ukulele Duet.

Grab the Tab!

Wha’ Happening?

I’ve just finished 2 major tabs. One is Christmas based and will pop in your inbox very soon and the other will perhaps make you vomit. I don’t want to give too much away but here are my favourite lyrics from the song – ‘From Peru to Cebu hear the power of Babylon’. Can you tell what it is yet?

I’ve also recorded a video for ‘Purim’ from The Jewish Ukulele. Keep an eye out for it.

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