Group Ukulele Book 2

I’ve officially launched the follow up to my original book, ‘The Group Ukulele’.
The Group Ukulele – Book 2 may not have a snazzy name but it’s full of useful content. It features 10 pieces, each arranged for 2 or more Ukuleles.  Each piece has been arranged to have a melody line, a complimentary part and an implied ‘bass’ part. The difficulty levels range from easy to difficult and you’ll also find chord diagrams for those who like to strum.

There are many uses for this book. I like to think that it could add a little spice to your Ukulele group; rather than strumming along to pop song, why not try building up these pieces to create your own orchestra? It’s also very useful within the classroom. Group Ukulele teaching is becoming very popular and there are not many resources out there which encourage multiple Ukes playing together. The pieces in this book can help even the most stressed teacher develop their Ukulele class.

The book is available in three flavours. Only Tab, Only Notation and both Tab and Notation. I know people are different, so I tried to make it as accessible as possible. Some people prefer standard Notation, especially in the classroom, and many people are simply used to Tab. You also have the option to include both. Let me know which you prefer.

Click here to view ‘The Group Ukulele Book 2’


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