Elbow – Grounds for Divorce for Ukulele

Elbow – Grounds for Divorce for Ukulele

‘Grounds for Divorce’ is from the 2006 album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, which pretty much launched Elbow’s music into the brains of none music lovers worldwide. I love Elbow, I do, but after listening to ‘One Day Like This’  for the millionth time, I began to tire of them a little. However, a quick listen to ‘Grounds for Divorce’ quickly cures any resentment.

This plays as if it was written for the ukulele and makes a great performance piece. It has a cool, bluesy feel and it’s quite easy to memorise the repeating sections. I’ve tabbed out the main riff in a number of different positions. Have a look over them and see which you prefer. I settled on repeating the same one over and over in the video but it’s always fun to experiment. It’s in the key of Em but the original is a step lower; either ignore this or tune down a little if you’d like to play along.

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This week I have been mostly enjoying ‘Sawlon’. This is a chap with over 9,000,000 views on Youtube. My word. Here is his website.

I also enjoy Harald Boxtart. Check out ‘Does Your Mother Know?’. Excellent.

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