Game of Thrones Theme Ukulele Tab – Learn to Play

Learn to Play Game of Thrones Theme with Free Ukulele Tab

Game of Thrones is a great TV program. Probably. I haven’t seen it yet but everyone seems to love it. I have heard the theme though, written by Ramin Djawadi, a man with the second coolest name ever.

Enjoy and don’t miss Ned or something.

I have made a couple a versions of the tab for you. The first is the melody line so you can play along with your friends and the second is for solo Uke, which you’ll see in the video. It’s not too much of a challenge but make sure you don’t rush the tempo. It sounds good at a relaxed pace. Enjoy strumming through the chords towards the end and have fun with the dynamics.

Click here to download ‘Game of Thrones’ Free Ukulele tab – Solo Uke

Grab The Tab!

Game of Thrones Ukulele Tab – Easy version – Click here to Download

Grab The Tab!

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In Other News…

I’ve been tab happy this week. Keep an eye out for gems such as Star Trek TNG, Carnival of Venice, X-Men Theme and the obscure Sleepwalker theme. Sign up to my Newsletter to get the free tabs when they arrive.

My iPod has been on overload recently. I’m in pretty much obsessed with Active Child and Agnes Obel. Give them a try.

I won a Lanikai S-B Baritone Uke on Ebay. It’s good. Here it is in action.

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2 Comments to “Game of Thrones Theme Ukulele Tab – Learn to Play”

  1. Brittany says:

    Thank you so much! This is a beautiful composition, I look froward to playing it!

  2. Cheick says:

    firstly thanks for sharing the tabs. I have one question it seems that the both versions of game of throne main theme are in the same key, the harder is a little tricky on some parts for me and the easier is not beautiful as I would like and easy for me, so can I mix some parts of the both versions to do one which I could play with ease and that sounds beautiful to my ears ?
    Thanks for reading and sorry for bad English I French and I did my best to have a good writing in your very beautiful language.

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