Final Fantasy Ukulele – Cosmo Canyon

Final Fantasy Ukulele – Cosmo Canyon

It’s hard to choose a favourite piece of music from this game. There are so many melodies that remind me of my first play through when I was but a lonely, socially awkward and friendless seventeen year old nerd. Times have changed though: I’m now no longer seventeen.

Want the tab? Contact me. My tabs are free but my time is not. All I ask is that you consider donating a little for each sheet. You don’t have to. Here’s my Paypal donate button.

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2 Comments to “Final Fantasy Ukulele – Cosmo Canyon”

  1. Pete S. says:

    Hey Carl,
    is this played in GCEA tuning ? or is this a barritone uke?
    Somehow i cant get the Em part to sound like you in the vid.
    I got your Tabs

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