Family Guy Tab for Ukulele

Family Guy for Solo Ukulele

I recorded this video many moons ago, hence the terrible quality. The audio and video don’t work together and it’s more crotch than face but you still get the general idea. It’s also one of the final times that you’ll get to see my crotch. I like the word crotch. Crotch. This is great piece of music and not too difficult to master. I choose to pick the chords with my right hand; you might try strumming them. Also, look out for places to cheat. As ever I don’t play it as written, though I doubt you’d notice.

There are countless versions of this theme on the internet. I’m a humble man and will happily admit that mine is by far the best…

I’ve picked up the habit of doing 2 versions of each tune recently. For the beginners I would recommend that you have a look through the lead sheet and try to play the melody first. You’ll probably find it easier if you sing along to get a general feel for the piece.

For those with more agile fingers, the solo sheet is made for you. It’s based around an F major chord sequence and I did my best to keep some of the jazzier chords in there. I find the chorus section to be most troublesome but you’ll probably fly through it with no problems. Let me know how it goes.

Click here to download Family Guy Tab for Ukulele Solo

Click here to download Family Guy Tab Lead Sheet for Ukulele

I Did This I Did..

I’ve been Googling myself. Do you ever Google yourself?

I found that the mighty site, Humble Baritonics, was kind enough to feature one of my vids. Here’s the link to my rendition of Twin Peaks. I’m delighted that they chose this one. Tab coming soon.

A site I’d not heard of also popped up. Ukulele Awesome Sauce. They decided to feature my Star Trek – TNG video. Guess what? Tab coming soon.

I have 2 new books in the pipeline both with very different flavours. Have a browse over my ebook page in the meantime. Earlier this week I witnessed a group of around 20 adults performing my arrangement of Swan Lake from The Group Ukulele Book 1. They sounded excellent despite being relativley new to the instrument. It was an inspiring moment. Do you play in a Ukulele Group?

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