Doctor Who Theme for Ukulele – Learn To Play

Learn to play Doctor Who Theme for Ukulele Chords and Tab

Who is your favourite Doctor? Mine is Dr. Khan who I visited yesterday for a nasty chest infection. Nice chap. Gave me antibiotics. You’ll find a couple of other versions of this theme on the web. This is in the key of Em and will fit nicely with the original. Written by the mighty Ron Grainer. Bonus points if you can tell me what else he wrote.

This is an easy(ish) version of the theme you may hear at the start of the show. I chose to keep it in Em so as not to challenge you too much. Begin with that chord and then work on the right hand rhythm. I went for a ‘galloping’ feel, mimicking the Tardis. Then pick out the melody line, which starts either on the E string or the 4th fret of the C. You’ll soon get a feel for the piece.

Click here to download the free Doctor Who Theme Solo Ukulele Tab

Grab The Tab!


 Click here for the free Doctor Who Tab – Beginner Version

Grab The Tab!

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8 Comments to “Doctor Who Theme for Ukulele – Learn To Play”

  1. Sharon says:

    Excellent. My favourite TV theme ever 🙂

  2. guppey says:

    As soon as I saw the title I freaked out a little. all time favourite show, of ever. Thanks for such a kickass cover. If you could do a Baritone (DGBE) arrangement I would love you forever.

  3. stuart says:

    i did it with my sister but she continuelly played the first 3 bars over and over again whilst i did the rest and the last bar we slowed down on and it sounded great. good thing to do if you know someone else who plays the uke 😀

  4. LJ says:

    Love it, must learn this before next Saturday and drive my kids daft. Thanks!!!

  5. Brantley Moate says:

    Great, but your video doesn’t match your tab.

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