Dexter Blood Theme for Ukulele

Dexter ‘Blood Theme’ for Solo Ukulele

Ah, good old Dexter. Who wouldn’t do what he does? Me. Probably you. I don’t know.

Before you get too excited, don’t be thinking that this is the main Dexter theme. ‘Blood Theme’, written by Daniel Licht, is the great piece of music featured throughout the show in the more somber and morbid moments. I will do the actual theme one day of you like but in the meantime, admire how vibratingly awesome this is.

What This Song Can Teach You – 

  • Play in the key of Am.
  • Add an eerie track to your solo repertoire.
  • Can you play fret 15 on your uke? Give it a go.
  • Improve your right hand technique.

Most of this piece is based around an Am and F7 chord. If you can play those you can jam along no problem. Give it a go. It does get trickier later on though, so brace yourself.

Do you play soprano? Then you may find the initial melody up at frets 12 to 15 a little impossible. Luckily, these sound just as good lower down the neck on frets 0 to 3. The rhythms pick up a little here. How will you approach the right hand? I often employ a one finger per string rule, although this varies at times.

Watch out for the octaves in from bar 17. These things are never easy to grab but with a little practise you may find that your fretting hand gets used to the position. Bar 25 onwards is guaranteed to test that right hand technique. There’s also a silly stretch and some more awkward octaves. It’s all good fun though.

I rarely include dynamics in my transcriptions as I like to leave it up to you but this piece is an exception. I really feel that they add to the life of the piece. If you are unaware of these look out for p which means ppppretty quiet, mp  which means mnotsoppppretty quiet and f which is ffflouder. I think that’s what they mean.

Enjoy and please leave a comment if you like what you see.

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