Dallas Theme Ukulele Tab – Learn to Play

Dallas Theme Ukulele Tab

Howdy Y’all. How do all? Wie geht est Ihnen? Yee Hah. Enough of that.

Please, enjoy some free tab. I did this one a long time ago. I used to be so handsome. Long before I recorded this video though. However, it’s not about looks. If it was, I would’ve unsubscribed years ago if I were you.

Dallas was some kind of romantic comedy that I watched when I was tiny with my mum. I remember J.R. being a right pain. I remember hair. I mainly remember the music. This funky masterpiece was expertly written by Jerrold Immel. I don’t know a lot about the guy but I’m very grateful of his work.

It’s not easy. There are some awkward chord shapes and you have to jump all around the neck. I’ve simplified to for you by including a lead sheet, so you should be able to get something going. Also, you may notice I didn’t do the entire piece in the video, only the first half. You should do it all and upload your own version.

Dallas Theme for Solo Uke

Dallas Theme – Lead Sheet

Strum, strum, strum, strum.

I stumbled upon a useful article for you. I know you like a good strum. We all do, especially John Bianchi. He generously shared a few of his strums this week in this article. It’s about strumming. Did you guess that?

This too.

Hot on the heels of Jerrold Immel is Gerald Ross. This guy is a master at googling things. Check out his video here.

You must’ve heard of Colin Tribe. He’s a younger, better looking version of me. He’s also a very talented ukeist and generous with it.

I like to think someone has used my tab to make their own video. Perhaps Ukulele Han was inspired by my recent post? I do hope so.

Which tab do you want next? I’m thinking of this. Or thisThis?

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