Classical Ukulele Tab – Sagreras – Leccion 73 – Used to Be

Leccion 73 – Used to Be – Classical Ukulele

This is an example of one of the fun pieces from my book, Sagreras for Ukulele.


Julio Salvador Sagreras was an Argentinian born Classical guitarist and Composer. In the early 20th century he wrote a number of books on classical guitar. As a youth I was lucky enough to stumble upon these books. They developed the way I viewed the instrument, helped with my technique and, most importantly, introduced me to some cool sounding pieces.


In my book, Sagreras for Ukulele, I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces from his books and adapted the to fit the ukulele. Instead of making direct copies, I have arranged each piece into something new. A tribute, if you will. You’ll find some very classical sounding ukulele pieces here; the Spanish influence is strong. I have messed around with the structure of many of them and, more interestingly, played with some time signatures. This is always a great way to improve your ukulele playing.


Strumming chords along to your favourite songs is such a pleasure. Singing and entertaining others is a joy in life. However, do you ever feel you need to take your playing to the next level? Do you sometimes get stuck in a rut playing the same few open chords over and over? I felt the same and so I decided to do something about it and you should too. This book will add a new sound to your playing and give your right hand something to think about. Click this link to learn more and view the free Classical ukulele tab.


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