Christmas Duets for Ukulele

Christmas Duets for Ukulele Available Now

I’ve been beavering away on my studio to bring you ‘Christmas Duets for Ukulele’. There are many Christmas Ukulele books on the market, but mine is a little different. I offer you a selection of 19 Christmas carols tastefully arranged for two (or more) Ukuleles.

Each piece contains the vocal melody and lyrics; a Ukulele part mimicking this line and a Ukulele part offering a harmony/counter melody. Also included are the suggested chords, which in essence can make the pieces ideal for a trio or more. These arrangements are ideal for use in Ukulele groups, in the classroom or even played after Christmas dinner. Also included is a separate booklet with full lyrics to each song, in handy A5 format.

Even if you only play solo Uke, there’s still a great bargain to had with this book. You can try playing along with the vocal line, try adding chords to them to make your own solo versions or just strum along and sing to your heart’s content.

It’s my most affordable book at £5. Click here to view ‘Christmas Duets for Ukulele’.


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