Cagney and Lacey – Bill Conti – for Ukulele

Cagney and Lacey for Ukulele

Cagney and Lacey: Which one are you? One, a single, career-minded woman the other a married working mother. Me? I’m neither. I’m a man with nothing else better to do than post Ukulele videos on Youtube.

Bill Conti wrote this. You know him don’t you? He also wrote the music to Rocky, For Your Eyes only and Masters of the Universe. What a man!

What This Piece Can Teach You – 

  • Play in the key of C.
  • Strum some easy bits.
  • Tricky Campanella if you want.
  • Great cop skills.

How 80’s is this? This is one of your favourite themes; I’ve just decided that on your behalf. I’m afraid I had to skip the actual intro as I’m and old man with weak, frail social skills but you’re very welcome to work it out yourself. Why not upload your version to the web? I’ll watch. I will.

Two versions here for you. It’s not easy so you may want to begin with that lead sheet. I tried to make it not too fiddly but couldn’t resist throwing a few tricky parts in. As for the solo sheet…well…good luck. Page 1 is easy enough. Pick it or strum it, it’s all good. page two really ups the difficulty. Took me more than one take to get this down.

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Cagney and Lacey for Ukulele

Click here to download Cagney and Lacey for Solo Ukulele

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Click here to download Cagney and Lacey for Lead Ukulele

Grab the Tab!

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