Blackadder Theme for Ukulele

Black Adder Theme for Solo Ukulele With Free Tab

I loved Black Adder. You loved Black Adder. Do you know who didn’t love it? That idiot over there. Tsk…

Check out Toby’s Version.

Now, you must excuse my ‘bored’ expression in the video. I assure I wasn’t bored and never have been while playing Uke. I just have one of those faces. It’s a curse. The video is also very old. When I first posted it, this gent said, ‘Seems to have some odd chords in there. I prefer my version. But it requires singing.‘ Make of this what you will. I like both versions.

I’ve done two sheets for you today. The lead sheet is suitable for the beginner and you’ll have that mastered in no time. There are some odd chords so make sure you have a chord book handy. The solo version uses some simple open chords but then I decided to show off a little later on. Let me know how it goes.

Click here for the Black Adder Theme for Ukulele – Lead Sheet

Click here for the Black Adder Theme for Solo Ukulele

Vote for Me!

I entered my Dr. Who video for a competition on ‘The Ukulele Site’. I would ask you to vote for me but there’s honestly little point. I currently have 3 votes and they are all from my own hand. It’s here anyway. I don’t wish to sound desperate but please vote. Please. PLEASE! PLEEEEEAAASSSSEEEE.

I’ve been recording some videos for my Classical Ukulele books. Keep an eye and ear out for them landing soon. I also did some Pink banjo. I’ll explain soon.

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4 Comments to “Blackadder Theme for Ukulele”

  1. Rick says:

    Great site…thanks for the tab it is perfect and you play the song so well….

  2. Sharon says:

    Cool – except I now have the theme stuck in my head….

  3. James Hammet says:

    Hi guy! Love what you do on the ukulele! Is there any way of buying a copy of your “Black Adder” recording? How much would it cost? I would especially love it if you can create a 2 or 3 minute version! Perhaps you know of other recordings? Thanks for considering, whatever you decide. God bless,

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