Bambi – Little April Shower – Disney Ukulele

Is it raining where you are? It’s raining here and it’s April and I’m about to have my first shower of the year. That could mean only one thing…

Disney Ukulele – Little April Shower – Bambi

This is my arrangement of the classic 8 minute epic by the Barnsley based 70’s Prog Rock band ‘Bambi’.

Ho…Ho..Honly joking. This is, of course, a delightful tune from one of your favourite Disney cartoons. I still have clear memories of watching this film at the pictures with my friends and family and blubbing my eyes out when poor Bambi’s Mother was shot. I hope that wasn’t a spoiler. The film was released in 1942. If you haven’t seen it by yet…then…I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I’ve simplified this version from the one you are more familiar with. It follows the melody line but I’ve got rid of a lot of the extra parts. As is becoming common place, I’ve done more than one version. You have the simple melody line; a campanella part and a solo arrangement. The campanella is by far my favourite as it shows what the ukulele can achieve with a little forethought. You’ll see me playing it first on the vid before I jump into the solo section.

Click here to download the free Ukulele tab – Little April Shower – Lead Sheet

Click here to download the free Ukulele tab – Little April Shower – Campanella Sheet

Click here to download the free Ukulele tab – Little April Shower for Solo Ukulele


The North

of England. I live in the North. It’s great. Let me show you some things I enjoy.

Cheese. I love cheese. You can probably tell this by my waistline. These fellas create some lovely stuff. Just look at the photo!

Beer. I love beer. You can probably tell this by my lairy behaviour and lack of ambition. You’ve probably seen better websites but the beer is tasty.

Sausages. I love the flesh of a dead animal. Again, this plus the cheese and  is doing wonders for my tubbiness.

Curry. I love curry. You must love curry.

Walking. I love walking. How do you keep fit? I walk and walk and walk until I vomit. Then I eat and drink. It’s the circle of life.

(These links are in no way sponsored. However, I will not turn down any freebies. I’m only a man after all).

But most of all I am looking forward to ‘The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival’. Read the site and join in.

The most exciting part is that it will be attended by Rob Collins of Tin Guitar fame. If you haven’t heard of Rob, you should know that he makes his own Ukuleles. I had the fortune of trying one a while ago and it was excellent. If I could only sell a few more ebooks then I might be able to treat myself. In the meantime, you should buy one.

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  1. Mia Lynch says:

    You’re going to the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival!? Woo! See you there. This is a great tab btw. 🙂

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