A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes for Ukulele – Disney Ukulele

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Tab for Solo Ukulele

I can’t lie. This image you have of me –  strong, masculine, emotionless – it’s all a facade. I’ll admit it. I love Cinderella. I watch it weekly, if not daily. My mum says there’s nothing wrong with that and you should all stop laughing. Also, you shouldn’t be jealous of my Cinderella crocs, dream castle, dvd collection and underwear. I’ll even let you borrow them.

What This Piece Can Teach You – 

  • A tasteful, jazzy style.
  • A right grand chord sequence.
  • Lovely passing notes.
  • Work on your right hand picking.

Although this is far from easy, you may find many chords and shapes that you’re familiar with. The bulk of the melody begins on a G shape with a few passing notes and the occasional added note. I’ve tried my best to make it ‘jazz-lite’ by adding a perhaps unexpected notes to some chords and try some different shapes. How’s about that F7 in bar 25? Nice.

Give it a do and let me know how it goes.

Disney Ukulele for Solo Ukulele

Click here to download A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes for Solo Ukulele

Grab the Tab!

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11 Comments to “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes for Ukulele – Disney Ukulele”

  1. jovian says:

    this is beautiful! Thank you so much for this!

  2. Daniel Harris says:

    My favorite song from the movie, thanks

  3. Richelle says:

    Love this arrangement – any idea when it will be “popping up in my inbox”? Can’t wait! Thanks!

  4. Jeff says:

    Really great! I’d love to see the tabs. (Okay, really, my daughter would love for me to see the tabs). Thanks.

  5. Michael says:

    I also hope to have this pop into my inbox!

  6. kira says:

    Chords please!

  7. Rod Martinez says:

    This is really nice. Can I please get the notes to this. I really want to learn how to play it!

  8. theblueschef says:

    This is a lovely arrangement my Grandchildren will love it thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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