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Crystal Maze – Ukulele Theme

Crystal Maze Theme for Ukulele Even after all these years, this theme still gets me excited. As a youth I would’ve loved to have had a run through the maze but Richard O’Brien terrified me. Still does. I’m sure he’s a nice chap but those are some strong memories that...
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Doogie Howser Theme – Ukulele

Dougie Howser, M.D. for Ukulele I wonder where Dougie Howser is now? He had such a promising start to his career despite his traumatic early childhood. I do hope he’s happy. This tune was written by Mike Post. That man is an inspiration. Amongst many others, he also wrote ‘the...
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Ferrero Rocher Advert

Enjoy this Campanella style version of the music from the cheesiest advert ever. Adverstising Ferrero Rocher, this piece of music, probably called ‘The Ambassador’s Reception’, was accompanied by some great script work. Do you remember it? I have 2 other sheets available. One is a simple melody line and the...
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