Basket Case – Green Day Ukulele

Basket Case – Green Day

Green Day Ukulele. Who would’ve thought? No tab yet. Do you want me to make one? Let me know and I will. I bloody will.

I’m on a 90s tip recently. Green Day used to be so good. Where did it all go wrong? I suppose we all have to change in one way or anther as time goes by. Good luck to them.  Basket Case works well on the Uke. I tuned mine down a semitone just to give it a healthier sound.

No Tab Yet.

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4 Comments to “Basket Case – Green Day Ukulele”

  1. Dave says:

    What is that you’re playing? It looks like a Uke but it has 5 strings! (Sounds awesome and I love this song) Job well done! Happiness indeed!

  2. Jack Reid says:

    Hey…could you tab this out for me please, haha. It sounds amazing and 90s Green Day was incredible!

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