I get a lot of requests. Any that tickle my fancy go here. So far we have –

The Third man

Aruarian Dance by Nujabes

Twin Peaks



Eat Your Brains



Spanish Flea

Terry and June

30 Rock

Sonic 2 Boss Theme

Sleep Walker

Portal Theme


X Men Cartoon Theme


Woman in Love



Mr. Benn

33 Comments to “Requests”

  1. adam says:

    Dear Carl,

    I have been silently keeping tabs on this site and check it daily(as you often post new things frequently). I just wanted to say that I’m waiting to get a handful of tabs from you, but first, I finally came up with the best request and probably a very difficult one but you seem up for a challenge.

    John Williams- Home Alone Theme (think it’s also called somewhere in my memory).

    Best of luck!

  2. Nick says:

    The Skyfall theme! For #100

    That or the ‘Sherlock’ theme.

  3. Allison says:

    How about the theme from Cheers or The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

  4. Nico says:

    Plleeeeeeeaaaase could you put together a tab of the True Blood theme, I beg of you! I know it’s fairly easy, I know I should just try and figure it out myself, but your version is just so awesome and I really don’t think I’m up to working it out yet.
    I BEG YOU!!!
    Thanks, you rock 🙂

  5. Tim says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to play Cosmik Debris by Frank Zappa, but somehow it doesn’t sound the way it should. Maybe you could give it a go?

  6. Janet says:

    I’d love something Irish, maybe the Swallow Tail Jig or The Kesh Jig. Thanks.

  7. Eli says:

    The Mog House theme song from FF11 would be cool to hear on the ukulele, if possible. is a link to it. It’s very mellow, and might be a good pick for a ukulele.

  8. Georgia says:

    Hiya! Id love to be able to play the Doctor Who soundtrack piece written by Murray Gold; I Am The Doctor.
    Thanx! Xxxx

  9. Joanna says:

    How about the theme from the Monkey Island games?


  10. Brian says:

    This site is great !

    I have been looking a good solo version of the theme from “the Courtship of Eddie’s father” for a while. “Chords only” just does not seem to do it justice. on the upside it isn’t very long.

  11. mathew cullen says:

    hello do you have tableture for the third man theme?
    thanls mathew

  12. Amanda says:

    Hi, any chance of adding Freebird to the list. I’ve been looking for tabs but I can only find chords.

  13. Julian says:

    Hi Carl, did you ever publish the Roobarb and Custard tab?

  14. Hannah Lin says:

    You should totes make some Lord of the Rings tabs. Maybe “Into The West.” You would be bomdiggity if you took one of their elvish songs too and converted it. Praise.

  15. Paul Mac says:

    Hi Carl,
    I have a request it’s Be My Boogie Woogie Baby by Mr Walkie Talkie…I remember it as the theme for a childrens tv program in the eighties called Kickstart! All about motorcycle trials bikes and the young uns riding them. I will buy you a pint at GNUF if you could add it on your “to do list”

  16. richelle says:

    Hi!! I would love tabs for Kidnap the Sandy Claws from Nightmare Before Christmas. I found an amazing uke cover of it on YouTube but no tabs. 🙁

  17. Alistair C says:

    I’ll second that Mr Benn request!

  18. Daisy says:

    I just found your website and I’m so happy. I love fingerstyle songs, but tabs are hard to come by. I’m trying to tab out songs myself, but it’s been challenging..So here are some that I think would be great for fingerstyle, maybe you’ll see something you like too.
    Most Ed Sheeran songs, especially All of the Stars, Tenerife Sea, Shape of you, and Castle on the Hill.
    I Don’t Want to Live Forever – Zayn and Taylor Swift
    In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry
    Disney songs (Colors of the Wind, I’ll make a man out of you, Go the Distance, etc.)

  19. Mixiekins says:

    A simplified rendition (perhaps just the lead) of the Flying Battery Zone theme from Sonic and Knuckles would be amazing, I can’t find a single scrap of anything for this song in ukulele anywhere, just a few guitar tabs.

  20. Patricia Enright says:

    Hi Carl,
    I’d love a tab of McCartney’s BLUEBIRD, and also BLACKBIRD. Thank You so much!

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