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Dexter Blood Theme for Ukulele

Dexter ‘Blood Theme’ for Solo Ukulele Ah, good old Dexter. Who wouldn’t do what he does? Me. Probably you. I don’t know. Before you get too excited, don’t be thinking that this is the main Dexter theme. ‘Blood Theme’, written by Daniel Licht, is the great piece of music featured...
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Weezer Ukulele – Butterfly

Weezer – Butterfly Butterfly. Schmetterling. Glöyn Byw. Check out this website. Best on the internet? I think so. Wow! Bulubulu. I also think Pinkerton is one of the greatest albums I’ve heard. Every track is near perfect. ‘Butterfly’ rounds the album off to a somber end, telling the tale of a lost...
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Red Dwarf For Ukulele

Red Dwarf Theme for Ukulele This is a great TV theme that perfectly matches the great TV programme. Which is you favourite episode? I like the one where everything goes backwards. Or should that be sdrawkcab seog gnihtyreve erehw eno eht ekil I? My arrangement is meant to compliment this...
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