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100,000 Views! Book Discounts for ALL!

Hello my friends. I’m celebrating this week as my Youtube videos have had over 100,000 views. I’m delighted by this. Thank you to you all for giving me the time of day and watching me fumble my way around this delightful instrument. I appreciate it. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll...
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Group Ukulele Book 2

I’ve officially launched the follow up to my original book, ‘The Group Ukulele’. The Group Ukulele – Book 2 may not have a snazzy name but it’s full of useful content. It features 10 pieces, each arranged for 2 or more Ukuleles.  Each piece has been arranged to have a melody line,...
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Christmas Duets for Ukulele

Christmas Duets for Ukulele Available Now I’ve been beavering away on my studio to bring you ‘Christmas Duets for Ukulele’. There are many Christmas Ukulele books on the market, but mine is a little different. I offer you a selection of 19 Christmas carols tastefully arranged for two (or more)...
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