Basket Case – Green Day Ukulele

Basket Case – Green Day Green Day Ukulele. Who would’ve thought? No tab yet. Do you want me to make one? Let me know and I will. I bloody will. I’m on a 90s tip recently. Green Day used to be so good. Where did it all go wrong? I...
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Bodger and Badger for Ukulele

Bodger and Badger for Ukulele My favourite description of ‘Bodger and Badger’ is this –  ‘Not many people realize that Bodger and Badger is actually an intensley political and philosophical show which discusses and ponders the tensions between anarchy(Badger) and order(Bodger) and the strains that anarchism and chaos place upon...
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Poddington Peas Song for Ukulele

Poddington Peas Song I love peas. If I had my way, I’d have the entire cast of Poddington Peas skinned, boiled and mushed and spread all over my torso. Or I’d eat them with chips. What would you do? Who would you start with? I’d have Tea-Pea. Mmm. Peas. Want...
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