Doogie Howser Theme – Ukulele

Dougie Howser, M.D. for Ukulele I wonder where Dougie Howser is now? He had such a promising start to his career despite his traumatic early childhood. I do hope he’s happy. This tune was written by Mike Post. That man is an inspiration. Amongst many others, he also wrote ‘the...
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Trust in Me – The Jungle Book – The Snake – Al Wilson

Trust in Me/The Snake A medley of ‘Trust in Me’ from the Jungle Book and ‘The Snake’ by Al Wilson. Tab available. I’m trying to think of some trust/snake related innuendo but just can’t link the two. Can you help? Want the tab? Contact me. My tabs are free but...
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End of a Century – Blur – Ukulele

Blur – End of a Century – Ukulele I suppose every day, every minute, every second is the end of a century. Deep man, deep. I was a massive Blur fan in my youth. I liked their B-sides the most. Which was your favourite? Mine was that too. We should...
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