Yearly Archives: 2011

Morrowind Theme for Ukulele

Theme from Morrowind for Ukulele I understand that this beautiful piece of music, written by Jeremy Soule, recurs throughout The Elder Scrolls series. I haven’t actually played Morrowind but I have (embarrassingly) racked up over 5000 hours of gameplay in Oblivion. Best fiver I ever spent. I’m sick to death...
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Lovejoy for Ukulele

Lovejoy for Ukulele You may think I resemble Arthur Fonzarelli in this video, but no! This is my Ian ‘Lovejoy’McShane outfit. I often wear this get up when out on the town, cruising for chicks. Gents, I can assure you: they find it both physically and emotionly repulsive. Perhaps...
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UkeofCarl on Ukudaily.

Do me a favour and have a listen to this – and perhaps A Ukulele Podcast that has used one of my little covers. But which? Listen and see....
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